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Additional Stones for the Zodiac signs.

Birthstone history has long been associated with the zodiac calendar. For many years, gemstones were said to have healing powers and astrologers were often sought after for advice when it came to healing.

Crystals for Scorpio

Every single native from the zodiac has a link with one or more precious or semi precious stones, charms helping them to surpass difficult situations and even speed up their recovery from an illness. Find out which are the colors, but also the lucky stones matching your sign, but also the significance of the most powerful zodiacal birthstones. The link between stars and the welfare of the signs is more important than you think!

What Gem-types connect with November?

Click on your zodiac signs and find out more about your lucky gemstone. Originally, birthstones were meant to be worn as a form of protection. Each stone had special strengths. Then, when the stone was worn by a person born under the same sign as the stone, the stones strengths were enhanced.

Men wore their birthstones when they went out to protect and provide for families. At home, the stones were worn to protect against disease of the mind and body.

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Healing Powers It was common for healers to use gemstones to help cure their patients. For instance, citrine was used to heal digestive ailments, aquamarine was said to be an antidote to poison and pearls were used to cure insanity. Opals were said to be the cause of the black death.

Mythology and Symbols

Those who wore an opal on their skin would change color as the wearer got sick and died due to the lack of heat coming off the body. In , the National Association of Jewelers met to discuss and adopt the official birthstone list as we know it today. The list has only been updated twice. The first time was in , to adjust the colors of one stone, and add and drop others.

But, because you are so powerful, on your shoulders is a lot of responsibility.

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  4. You affect the life of the people around you even when you are in a good mood. The Scorpio is a masculine water sign, driven by Pluto. Because of the plutonian vibrations, Scorpio would always be a mysterious apparition and full of energy.

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    They offer the sensation of an ice nature and tough tempered, but when they are attached to a certain person they, become loving, protective and friendly. Skip to content Home Zodiac Birthstones — all you need to know Everything about scorpio birthstones. FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Scorpio? What are scopio birthstone colors?

    What is scorpio Birth flower name? What are the properties of black tourmaline?

    Birthstones by zodiac signs , color and month

    The essence of Scorpio I could make jokes about how powerful you are, but you are indeed powerful. Qualities You are the knight in shining armor, who is not afraid to fight against the darkness. You may have missed.

    This will happen to you in the first half of according to your zodiac sign 4 min read. This will happen to you in the first half of according to your zodiac sign. NeedMag 5 days ago. Feng shui — avoid these mistakes in the Year of the Rat 6 min read.

    Birthstones & Zodiac Gemstones

    Feng shui — avoid these mistakes in the Year of the Rat. One of the most complicated, high energy driven, focused, passionate and fiery sign is undoubtedly the sign of Scorpio zodiac sign. If you belong to this representation of highly enthusiastic people and therefore at the same time curious to know what is the birthstone of Scorpio, then this is an article just for you.

    People who are born between the time periods of 22nd October to 21st November are said to be falling under the zodiac category of Scorpio sign and hence are called as Scorpio natives. These natives can usually be recognized with the dominant traits of being selfish, revengeful, aggressive, ruthless, secretive and stubborn. The official birthstone of a Scorpio sign is Topaz and it is ruled under the governance of planet Mars. However, this zodiac sign also responds very well to the stones of Aquamarine , Beryl, amethyst , tourmaline and opal.