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How can I say thank you? Feature request; the ability to add a not into a piece, without replacing the one after - thus moving the whole piece one beat forward.

Super long title, I know. You know that annoying thing in text editors when you accidentally pressed tab, and instead of adding text, it replaces the existing characters? I would do it if I knew how!

Trio Sonata in G Major, BWV 1038: III. Adagio

I'd be eternally grateful to anyone working on this!! Thank you so much! The song every one can't get out of their head.

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At least mine, either way, this is for 2 cellos and a base or 3 cellos. I used Wizii's "Your Reality" for a good portion as a reference, so if they ask of me to take it down, I will do so. One Voice Brittany Savaglio. By The Wailin' Jennys.


I made a better version of my first one. Original composition. I can't even believe I've reached followers already If you've seen that one you'll know that there's I'm surprised no-one has put this whole piece in writing before. Maybe it's those semi-quavers This is the one with 3 part and this is the revised version.

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The time and your fight Xubilau. Alice looks around, and see's a deep hole in the ground. Wondering what to do next, she sees the cold world around her and jumps into the warmth that is resonating at the bottom of the world. Though, she realizes a moment too late In addition to our stellar cast of regulars playing flute, violin, cello, and piano, we welcome Line Upon Line Percussion. These three imaginative and highly skilled and disciplined musicians have formed a group which has met with enormous success and excitement over the past few years.

We eagerly welcome them into the fold to expand our horizons and delight our senses with new combinations of sound. We have chosen a program that is particularly well suited to an intimate performance space. This inventive, beautiful piece is a happy work, with a touching slow movement. Next we go to a composer who has spoken of Bach as an influence in his music—Steve Reich.

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Patterns in space. Patterns in time. Four sets of specially tuned bongo drums will bring these patterns forth at the hands of our trio of percussionists. The resonances will swirl to the ceiling of the extraordinary house we will be privileged to inhabit for the evening, and fall into our laps and our ears—our eyes wide and our lips smiling.

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As I often do, I have scored it for all the musicians on the program. Many moods, ideas, and experiences are expressed in the journey of this piece.

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