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An investor's guide to understanding and using financial instruments - The Handbook of Financial Instruments provides comprehensive coverage of a broad range of financial instruments, including equities, bonds asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities , derivatives equity and fixed income , insurance investment products, mutual funds, alternative investments hedge funds and private equity , and exchange traded funds.

The Handbook of Financial Instruments explores the basic features of each instrument introduced, explains their risk characteristics, and examines the markets in which they trade. Written by experts in their respective fields, this book arms individual investors and institutional investors alike with the knowledge to choose and effectively use any financial instrument available in the market today.

The authors concentrate on the practicalities of each class of derivative, so that readers can apply the techniques in practice. Product descriptions are supported by detailed spreadsheet models, illustrating the techniques employed, some which are available on the accompanying CD-ROM.


This book is ideal reading for derivatives traders, salespersons, financial engineers, risk managers, and other professionals involved to any extent in the application and analysis of OTC derivatives. Babbel and Craig Merrill. Undoubtedly the most important contribution of the financial economics literature over the past twenty five years is the development of contingent claims valuation methodologies, commonly referred to as option pricing models.

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During the past decade, financial economists have turned their attention specifically toward those types of contingent claims that are of most concern to financial institutions. Included under the umbrella of techniques generally referred to as 'fixed income pricing,' they include the full range of models designed to price government, corporate, and mortgage-backed securities with and without call features, prepayment provisions, accelerated and regular sinking funds, convertibility, and so forth.

A proper understanding of the development and underpinning of these models would seem essential to the financial analyst or valuation actuary. It is the purpose of this monograph to foster this basic understanding, and to serve as a convenient and helpful springboard into the technical economic and finance literature on these subjects.

With an emphasis on how numerical solutions work and how the approximations involved affect the accuracy of the solutions, Pricing Financial Instruments takes us through doors opened wide by Black, Scholes, and Merton - and the arbitrage pricing principles they introduced in the early s - to provide a step-by-step outline for sensibly interpreting the output of standard numerical schemes.

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A comprehensive, practical guidebook tobonds and the bond marketSpeaking directly to the practitioner, this thoroughguide covers everything there is to know aboutbonds-from basic concepts to more advancedbond topics. The Complete Practitioner's Guide to the Bond Marketaddresses the principles of the bond market and offersthe tools to apply them in the real world. By tying theconcepts of fixed-income products to big-pictureaspects of the economy, this book prepares readers toapply specific tools and methods that will help themglean profits from the bond market.

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