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Such addresses require the House to join the Senate in passing a joint concurrent resolution formally convening Congress to hear him.

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United States. Trump could also scrap the speech and just send a message to Congress. The wall with Mexico would seem to be a certainty given that is why thousand federal workers have been furloughed for more than a month. Trump is likely to tout a strong economy and the trade deals he struck last year.

Foreign policy types will be watching to see what, if anything, he says about tariffs, ongoing trade talks with China, the withdrawal of U. While we wait to see what gets mentioned or unmentioned in what could be a traditional State of the Union address or not, here are ten facts about the State of the Union that you may not know.

The tradition of giving a State of the Union Address is rooted in the U. The Constitution says nothing about when the president should deliver the information or how he should deliver it.

Does there have to be a State of the Union?

Until , the State of the Union message was typically delivered in December rather than January. For more than a century, the State of the Union was delivered to Congress in writing rather than in a speech before a joint session of Congress.

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The Big Apple was the capital of the United States from to John Adams did likewise during his one term in office. Ever since FDR, presidents have almost always used speeches rather than written messages to fulfill their constitutional obligation to inform Congress about the State of the Union. John F. Kennedy, for instance, gave a State of the Union speech on January 30, , ten days after taking the oath of office.

That speech stands as the most alarming State of the Union address ever delivered.

The 2018 State of the Union in 4 minutes

George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. During presidential transition years, Congress sometimes receives annual messages from two presidents within a span of weeks. Outgoing presidents can give a State of the Union address even if the incoming president is likely to do the same. Some presidents go short in their State of the Union addresses, some go long, very long.

Despite repeatedly clashing with Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, Trump urged Washington to govern "not as two parties, but as one nation. Many women representatives from the Democratic Party wore white in a tribute to the women's suffrage movement. Trump spoke of an "unprecedented economic boom" in the United States, touting low unemployment and rising wages as an immense success for American workers in the world's "hottest economy.

He also credited his administration with rolling back regulations. Calling the US economy the "envy of the world," Trump said: "An economic miracle is happening in the United States and the only thing that can stop it is foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations. But Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, who is considering a presidential campaign, said Trump had not done enough for working people.

A Brief History of the President’s Annual Address

I will get it built," he said. Congress has 10 days to pass a federal budget to avoid another shutdown. As midnight approaches on September 30 of each year, it's go time for Congress: approve a budget or shut down government operations. Originally, Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution required lawmakers to approve the budget. Honing it further in , the Antideficiency Act targeted agencies that spent money without asking.

Donald Trump's 12222 State of the Union: What you need to know

But meeting deadlines was a chronic problem. That is, until the s. At the behest of President Jimmy Carter, the US attorney general revisited the Antideficiency Act in to answer the question: "Without a budget, are government employees required to work? Carter's presidency saw only small shutdowns, but the new interpretation of the law turned shutdowns into a negotiating tactic. Still in his early days, President Ronald Reagan refused to sign a budget without billions in tax cuts.

The Republican-controlled Senate and the Democrat-controlled House found a solution by the next day.

Who won’t be at Trump’s State of the Union address

This happened seven more times by his last year in The Republican-led Congress wanted a balanced budget within seven years, higher Medicare premiums and rollbacks on environment regulations. It took 27 days in total to strike a deal. Many departments such as the military, national security and any deemed essential to the protection of life continue working during shutdowns. This results in delays on tax decisions, food inspection and disease research among other problems. The next major shutdown came in under President Barack Obama.

Led by Senator Ted Cruz, the group pushed for drastic curbs on the health care act in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. The day shutdown resulted in the furlough of some , workers. The latest shutdown, which lasted 35 days, was the longest in history.

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  • Hundreds of federal workers went without paychecks. Despite the disruption, President Donald Trump refused to budge on his insistence that funding for the Mexico border wall be included in the budget. In fact, the president had said he was prepared for the impasse to go on for years — before he gave in and reopened government. The prohibitive cost of shutting down some government operations has not tamed the trend. Washington loses millions not just in revenue, but also in back pay, even though furloughed employees stay at home. So, time lost, work lost — and money lost. But the biggest loser is not the economy, or the party that makes the most concessions.

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    • Who won’t be at Trump’s State of the Union address.
    • Arguably, it's the government itself. According to a Gallup poll in the aftermath of the shutdown, public dissatisfaction with the government in general rose to 33 percent. The previous all-time high regarding political dysfunction was 26 percent during the Watergate scandal. Trump met with Kim in Singapore in June Unlike in past meetings with some world leaders, Trump did not try to pull Kim's hand towards him or hold on to the North Korean leader's hand too long.

      12222 State of the Union Address

      Trump and Kim appeared at ease with one another during the summit. Just a few months prior, Trump and Kim engaged in a war of words, trading insults like "little rocket man" and "mentally deranged. Kim lays a hand on Trump's back as they leave after signing a joint statement pledging peace negotiations and denuclearization. Some critics worried that the US agreed to give up too many things in negotiations with Kim. At a press conference, Trump said he wanted to stop US military exercises with South Korea and eventually withdraw US troops — something Pyongyang has been demanding for years.

      Trump displays the joint agreement he signed with Kim. In the four-point document, Kim agreed to the "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The two leaders also agreed to build a "robust peace regime" and to return the remains of prisoners of the Korean War. South Koreans watch the summit on a screen located at a train station in Seoul. Ahead of the event, critics expressed concern that the meeting between the two leaders would be purely symbolic and not bring concrete progress to easing tensions.

      Indeed, the agreement did not specify what exact measures would be taken. A bartender in Singapore crafted a special drink for the summit, dubbed "The Bromance. The island's security was massively increased ahead of the summit, while local businesses marked the occasion with special Trump-Kim branded water and drinks.