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Maya Fiallos, right, interviews farmworker Gustavo Velasco, while working on a story about how Oregon's increasing minimum wage law will affect the agriculture industry.

It's a wonderful experience and you'll learn so much and make so many friends! But did I really need this?

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Did I really need to go? I'd be lying if I said that I haven't been pushed out of my comfort zone. I have been trying so many new things I never thought I wanted to try. I haven't felt this intellectually challenged in a long time because there's always the struggle of trying to do a perfect job. I went to a farm I had never heard about before and interviewed people I'd never have a reason to speak to.

This taught me the world is huge even in the smallest places: A small farm in Corvallis can be important to so many people. From a bush of strawberries, there grew hours of labor, and from a dirt path I saw a million footsteps printed on the ground that have brought food to our tables. Meeting new people, regardless of how extroverted a person can be is always a challenge. For me, it's been a wonderful challenge. Pushing yourself to intermingle with others not only brings the tenderness of human interaction but the happiness of self accomplishment.

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We tend to stick with people similar to us, but that hasn't been the case here. We jumped into this environment of smart and open-minded personalities.

Journey through Texas and Oklahoma to Route 66's midpoint. New Mexico is the land of retro Route 66 neon. Experience deserts and ocean along the last leg of Route Sponsored By Billings, Montana. The ultimate Billings brewery tour.

Journalist whose fine voice took him to places he never planned

A complete guide to Montana's most "magical" city. This really is the most beautiful roadway in America. Sponsored By Thor Industries. Inspirational stories and trip ideas for your next outdoor adventure.

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  • ‘It literally just happened – I never planned this, I never had a business plan in place’?

Endless beauty in America's desert National Parks. In Grand Teton National Park, a dedicated volunteer brigade is there to keep you—and wildlife—safe. Sponsored By Visit Denver. Denver's RiNo neighborhood may have become an artist's paradise—but it still hasn't lost its edge. Sidecars, tacos, and ghosts: How I got an immersive Denver crash course in just 24 hours.

Identical Twins Switch Places - Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

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