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But it also cursed him. It drained his life force and left behind a vampiric scarred body. It drove him insane. He soon gathered a massive army of War-Thogs, led them to the edge of the Mist realm, and gave the order to attack the mortal world. But the Black Rose Coven, led by the first witch who was chosen to be the Goddess' sword maiden, intercepted the onslaught.

Azure himself was imprisoned, bons with magickal markings on his shackles, to neutralize his magick. He was chained to his cell for eternity.

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Origin Azure pre-transformation Azure is mentioned in the first chronicles of the history of the Black Rose Coven. A thousand years later, he had escaped. How he did it, is unknown. Tweet Remove Format Clean. Cancel Update. What size image should we insert? BUt, there is also an amazing love story between a Selkie and a Pure Blood Vampire, a love that should not have happened, but destiny often does not play by the rules or others.

This is a really good story, absolutely loved the character devlopment of Julia and Ronan, from how they met, to how Ronan became her protector and eventually the Immortal Skye We first met Julia in FOrever Chosen, and in this book we get to know more about her background and her history with Caleb Black. This is a really good story, absolutely loved the character devlopment of Julia and Ronan, from how they met, to how Ronan became her protector and eventually their love blossomed.

The Blacks still play a big part in this story, and I hope one we get to see more of.

For many, this might be the first time reading or hearing about Selkies, they are interwoven in Scottish Mythology, Selkie meaning seal folk. THey can shapeshift or metamorphose therianthropy from Seal to Human by shedding thier skin. People are more familiar with the Sirens and Mermaids, yet they have a large role in Scottish, even Irish and Scandinavian Mythology, and their tales usually end as a romantic tragedy, but it is usually the Selkie that suffers, not the human.

This story is one that is really worth reading, as to how it ends I will say, in great tradition of K.


Bone the ending leaves you hoping for another book as you can just taste the next adventure! One I am truly looking forward too!!!!

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Aug 27, Katy Rose rated it it was amazing. They are such an underrated being.

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I love the K. Bone isn't afraid to step outside the lines and try something new.

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This is a wonderfully tragic story with dark tints, just like all of her other works Julia is a very relatable character who really makes the whole story sparkle. I loved her sense of duty and yet yearning to be herself. The story is beautifully written and gives the traditional K. Bone twists tat you have come to expect and love as a reader! I can't wait to read mo Selkies!!!! I can't wait to read more!! Aug 21, Dorothy Kirby rated it it was amazing.

Love, duty, obligations, and personal choices. I found it easy to identify with Julia and see and feel her story as it unfolded. There is steamy love scenes, cruel dominance and sense of duty.

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The story has it all. Clear your evening because you will not want to stop reading until the last page. Aug 21, Jennifer Billings rated it it was amazing. As usual K. I love the premise and there is so much to love. Action happens immediately and kept my interest though out the whole book. I love these Midnight Coven books. Sep 08, Christine Lee rated it it was amazing. Immortal Skye by K. I love that we get to revisit Nicholas briefly and Julia from Ms.

There is true evil and trag Immortal Skye by K. Aug 23, Valerie Roberson rated it it was amazing Shelves: 18 , adult-content , review. Into the first three chapters, I had tears flowing down my cheeks. Then the hatred of a very dominating cruel father, pond his only child, a daughter to a man she never knew to keep a pure bloodline going. He said jump, she asked how high.

But in secret she has a true love that is bounded to her father until he decides to let him free.


The father used that against his daughter to make her marry this unknown man. The Wedding night came Fantastic!

The Wedding night came and to make sure everything went to her fathers plans, he brought in two women to take care of her. Her father got what her wanted. Come to find out, the new husband was a very cruel man. Loved to torture his victims, sleep with anyone, kill like it was nothing, and turn un wanting humans to pure joy.

He had to be stopped and he was. The moral of the story is that true love, soul mates will withstand the test of time to be together. That kind of love will never fad, no matter what happens and how many centuries go by before the soul mates are reunited. I love this book as mush as I have loved all the other book this author has written.

She has a way to suck you into the fantasy world and be a part of the story, watching every moment. I highly recommend this book and this author to anyone who loves fantasy with a mix of some romance. Nov 05, Channy rated it liked it. This was a book about a vampire and her true love. It was quick listen that provided a good back story and HEA at the end. The narrator captured the characters and made for an entertaining listen.

Nov 06, Mandy Sawyer rated it it was amazing. This book has a great but also very brutal storyline. This is set in the past when it was acceptable to use women. I enjoyed the pay back and would love to listen to more from these characters.