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Arthur Leander is an actor who suffers a fatal heart attack shortly after Station Eleven begins. This was what his life was going to mean, finally, after all these years of failing to win Oscars… He would be known as the man who gave his fortune away.

Eleven Things to Do When Starting Your RPM Journey With Your Child – I am in my head.

In his later scenes, Jeevan reflects extensively on his former paparazzo career, including encounters with Arthur that caused Jeevan to question the integrity of his work. As an adult who survives the pandemic, she travels with a troupe of actors and musicians and collects pre-flu tabloid articles about Arthur as a means of remembering her past. Instead, she spends decades sketching and crafting her Dr. Eleven comics. Once Miranda self-publishes the Dr.

Eleven comics, she gives two copies of each issue to Arthur, who then passes one pair to young Kirsten and the other to his son Tyler. These books eventually outlive Miranda who dies from the flu and impact Kirsten and Tyler as adults. For Kirsten, the comics are her most prized possessions, stories she has memorized and values for the beautiful artwork She also searches for other copies of Dr.

For Tyler, he too finds solace in the comics, but in a more extreme way. He becomes a self-proclaimed prophet who owns a dog named Luli after Dr. Station Eleven also explores immortality and legacy through institutions and art. The purpose of OFSTED checking schools is to report back to parents who chose to delegate their responsibility to the state, not vice versa!

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Morris, Soley etc need to give their heads a wobble and see the bigger picture. As a home educator, this fills me with sadness. The home educating community is highly motivated and geared towards child centred education. Something schools are unable to facilitate due to the large numbers, diversity of need and lack of funding.

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In fact the whole reason our 2nd son is home educated is because he is a square peg and school is a round hole. We can make him fit but it will damage him. This is a quote from the reports of professionals who were involved in the formation of his EHCP which names home educating as the best place for him. The assessments being suggested by Solely would remove the opportunity of child centred learning as well as the autonomy of family.

In terms of children who are being mistreated, there is a far greater number in education who are being abused and missed. The mindset of the home educator is to offer the children tailored experiences and education. It means a lot of effort from the parents and time and often cost too. We live in a country where we are assumed to be capable parents all of us and only when there is concern would external authorities become involved. However this report is suggesting the opposite. That none of us are capable and that the school system is there to monitor our ability as parents.

This is not what it is there for. They observe that their child is unhappy, burnt out, the target of abuse, their needs not being met, or bored. As good parents should, they try and work with the school to improve the situation, but they are either ignored, or the measures taken are inadequate. What do you think they should do? If schools were meeting the needs of every child, or even attempting to, less parents would be inclined to take the very serious decision to home educate.

The problem here is not home education, but fines for low school attendance and attendance-dependent funding for schools. That aside, though, home educated children do better academically, on average, than school educated children. On the subject of changing the law, it would indeed be draconian, and discriminatory, unless we also plan on forcing children who are failing in school to be home educated. Why, then, would we do it with education? We decided to home educate them as we wanted them to have a wonderful childhood!

To learn about things because learning is exciting, not prescribed! To be able to stay up till midnight to watch the meteor showers and sleep in the next morning because they needed to, because learning hands on is so much more valuable an experience! To be able to sit and read all day by the fire in winter, because its cosy and comfortable and an ideal place to soak in all the knowledge they are acquiring! Yet my kids are proof of the pudding that it is entirely possible to learn a huge volume without it being regurgitated by a teacher or planned by an adult, and furthermore- this love of learning that they have acquired from simply being allowed to explore knowledge, instead of force fed it to boredom, will carry through lifelong!

People in the Homed community seem to read so much more than any other group of people I know! I notice even at a meetup at the beach, for example, pretty much every teenager has a book accompanying them! My children also blossomed personally after being removed from the school environment. My oldest son, who is a romantic at heart, loves Disney movies, and all things magical was starting to say he disliked these things in order to avoid bullying- yet this same kid, I am sure, will grow up to be an author!

At 11 yrs of age, he is If we had allowed him to be pommelled down by the kids at school to fit into the little brown box they were trying to force him into, all these wonderful characteristics he has, would have been driven so far down that he might never have been able to recover.

They are now living that wonderful childhood life we had hoped for, and thriving so much more than they would have in the school environment too! I will never regret our family making the decision to home educate!

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The only thing i do wish for, is a tidy house once in a while, as with four children constantly at home, I never get to sit down in a picture perfect living room, for a quite cup of tea! Your world sounds ideal!! What a lovely picture of childhood you paint.

Your kids are so lucky. Very inspirational and very aspirational. I think the question here should be is if the number of children being home educated is rising dramatically does that not demonstrate that the education system is failing countless children and it is the education system that needs to change rather than strict regulation of something which is clearly working for many children by a system which is broken.

As a home educating parent I have met many ex teachers like myself who will not put their children into the current education system. Is this another indicator that the government needs to rethink how schools are run and give schools more freedom to pursue curriculum and assessments which are more in line with the way children learn rather than a one size fits all. This article is ridiculously biased. Many home educators feel they have to pick up the pieces after school has failed them so badly.

Its not like you have to pick a side and stick to it, we just need to make decisions with the best interests of the child in mind so flexibility for change is always going to be important. This article is so one sided and incredibly insulting for all of us who work our butts off to give our children the best education possible. I hope no parents stuck with a school failing their child are put off by this terrible article. The resistance to the Bill will be powerful indeed and this for many reasons, some of which already stated above in comments, but also:. LAs already have powers to intervene in the situation where they have reason to believe that an education is not being provided, sa of the Education Act , as they do with dealing with children at risk of abuse S47, Children Act The Bill as proposed would mean that the state would appropriate parental responsibilities to determine the nature of a suitable education.

Currently this is not the case. Parents are responsible for ensuring that children receive a suitable education and the law on Children Missing Education which requires local authorities to find children not in receipt of an education does not change this because in deciding when an education is not taking place, the state is not deciding what sort of education SHOULD take place.

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However, if the Bill goes through, it would mean that the state will then be the arbiter and controller of the nature of a suitable education, which of course has all manner of constitutional and potentially litigious consequences that no-one in their right minds should want to contemplate. It can be many, many other things as well, a point which seems to be missed in this article and which makes home educators very frightened.

The question you have to ask though regarding the pupils who do struggle is would they not have struggled with a school curriculum anyway? The fact is, an education can be many things. Perhaps car washing actually WAS the most suitable education for that child! If he loves it, he might get really good at it, might start learning other related skills about car maintenance, or how to run a small business successfully, when struggling with maths and English for 10 years would have served no purpose whatsoever.

One close friend of ours never learned to read or write until my DH gave him a PC when he was Prior to that though, you could give him almost any task related to mechanical repair and he would manage it somehow. He had taught himself all this where school had taught him next to nothing. From this we must conclude that if people are to receive a genuinely appropriate and enabling education, the state must not be allowed to determine the nature of this education, because it will do so in a broad way that fails to genuinely adapt to the needs of individuals as s7 of the Education Act requires.

To conclude: Leave us alone unless it looks as if we are really cocking up as the state will otherwise cock up too, and cause more school related suicides that sit on the consciences of my teacher friends as they struggle to implement a one size fits all curriculum that killed these dyslexic children. If you want to see what home education is really like in the UK then you need to hang around with groups of actual home-educators. There are many who do it really well, with children performing way above their age academically. Unfortunately there are many, many others who fall way short of the mark.

I have seen, first hand, the problems such children face if the parents decide to send them to school at some point.

The massive gaps in their education then become a real issue. You only have to watch the Jeremy Kyle show once to see a lovely sample of some of the folk regular schooling churns out- illiterate, poor vocab and no skills to speak of between them! They are left often undiagnosed, no support and failing at school until the parents finally get fed up and decide to do a better job themselves!


What you are losing sight of, is that the whole point of educating people is to equip them academically, skills wise, emotionally and physically to function in the world as an adult and earn a living. Not everyone is going to be a Scientist or a Math Professor!

Some may be an amazing Builder, a Plumber, a Caterer. All these skills are necessary in society and have to be fulfilled by someone! They both also consume huge amounts of reading material, could out fact you most likely on many subjects and are both currently writing a book, the 11 yr old having written 17, words so far, and from what I have read, its good! Your musings do not take into account the background the children struggling have had and how they have advanced as home educated children. It means nothing. July 8, at am. It is clear from your remarks that you do no understand what it means to use autonomous educational philosophies.

Except if you look at the research, home educated children outperform school children across the board — in spite of home educated children having a disproportionately high rate of special educational needs since school often serves SEN children so poorly parents need to remove them.

Your anecdote does not trump the observed data. I think this probably explains your experiences better than the alternative of you simply having bad luck. As a family we have home schooled for the last 7 years for between 4 months and 2 months a year. The children slot straight back into mainstream school when we return from overseas.

When home schooling we do school work every day on a one to one basis, little and often. The face book group refered to in the article has 5.