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How does the federal government support our public schools?

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Principals, if people are leaving a profession that no one enters without passion, that no one enters expecting to be easy , you are not doing your job. For whatever reason, budget time this year feels like a particularly brutal bloodbath, and it sucks. After almost a year of sacrifice—just when we start to see some of our work pay off—we start to learn how different next year will be.

It sucks. And you know what? So, we, schools and districts and whoever pulls the big levers levels above us, ignore teachers as much as we can. Hi everyone, we have this wonderful, innovative Whatever. Everyone has to use Whatever, and use Whatever in this way, so that everyone is the same and every classroom is the same because that is for some reason important.

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Also, Whatever gives us tons of numbers and numbers and numbers that we can use to say all sorts of stuff about how great Whatever is doing. This model is compelling for lots of obvious reasons. Also, you have to do very little worrying about how anyone is feeling. Because of this, we should value and support and encourage and inspire and recognize and push and protect the people doing the most direct version of the work. The parent was so furious that she demanded her child be removed from my class! The principal was so dumbfounded he just told her to think that over and if she still really wanted to take her out of my class the next day, he would do it.

She called the next day and apologized, hehe. We had a few tricycles on our little playground and only one red one. Well, one of my kids loved that red bike. We came out to recess and another little boy was on it. My first year of teaching I had a boy named Patrick who never hung up his coat.

I was tired of it and I warned him that it was going in the trash can the next time I found it on the floor. Well, the next time it happened…I threw it in the trash, with the good intention of taking it out within a few minutes. Within that few minutes a student felt sick and vomited in the trash can! Did I have some explaining to do to the parents.

I was very lucky because I knew the parent and had worked with him before I became a teacher. I called him to explain, and he laughed and said they had the same problem with him at home.

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Boy, was I lucky. Send it home in a garbage bag!

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My students were sitting around talking about what their dads do for a living. I told her the comment, and she told us that relatives had recently asked dad what his favorite surgery was. Apparently junior overheard the conversation. I laugh about this every time I think about it! My dad did it. My first year of teaching I had a terribly naughty little boy he tried to pull the fire alarm on the first day of school.

About midway through the year he drew a picture at free time and brought it up to show me. One moment happened several years ago when I taught grade one. Each primary class had received one of those colorful carpets with the seven continents on it. Well, day 2 of having this carpet, Andre got very sick, and threw up. This one came from my then 4-year old grandson…I had promised to take him to the local ice cream shop one summer evening.

He had been playing with some neighborhood friends and if we were going to get to the shop before it closed we needed to leave. As I put him in the car, he protested because he wanted to play some more. I was teaching in a rural school district in a town of about people. It was 3rd grade. We were discussing Native American Indians. My favorite came from child in my pre-first grade class. It was the beginning of a new school year and it was still quite hot outside. I finally got my first graders on target one afternoon and was really quite happy with how the math lesson was going.

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At the same time one of my students who had a speech problem was scratching away at about 50 mosquito bites on his legs I am not kidding. I had a terrible time trying to keep from laughing! I sent him right to the nurse for some cream! I have a student whose father is a biology professor at a local college and is mother in a high school resource teacher. Once while playing checkers with a 2nd grader, I was asked what my favorite things were.

This year, I worked with BSI [a special education program? Many of the children would raise their hands and ask to go with me.

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Smith, I like you better. I have 10 girls and 5 boys in my 2nd grade class this year. All the girls are utterly and completely horse crazy! I found this note on the floor after school one day. Obviously someone was daydreaming and having a horse ranch owners fantasy… — build barn, — make a fence, — catch horses, — train horses, — ride horses, — brush horses. I had to show the other teachers.

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It was so well thought out, but maybe a bit ambitious! Did I mention we were doing a math unit on time? Too cute!

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One day it was getting close to recess and I had a few kids off task. You mean you write this stuff down?! Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. As founder of Due Season Press and Educational Services, she has created printable curriculum resources , online courses , 5 books , the Truth for Teachers podcast , and the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club.

She's been supporting teachers through this website since During our library time, the week of St. Patricks Day, our school librarian had my second grade students watch a video of irish dancers. Since we are from a rural community in Central Missouri, she thought she would help them make a connection by comparing the dancers to cloggers that we have see at our local city festival.

She however did not expect one of my little darlings to make a connection in another way.

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We had already completed the past and present and were brainstorming goals and aspirations. The students took the time to write down 5 things they would like to achieve in their futures the instructions were much more expliciti. I then had them turn and talk and present to the class. All was going well until I reached O.

A Basketball player and a chef. What was the third thing? These are great stories! But, please know I really appreciate the time you all take to post. Carry on! Brittany, That is hilarious! List price:.