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At one point, Eternity spawned several "children", or concepts that became separate, independent entities. These include Empathy , Eulogy , Expediency , Entropy , Epiphany , Enmity , and Eon - although the last was eventually killed and replaced in turn by the concept Epoch.

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Eternity typically only manifested when there was an imminent threat to the universe, such as the villain Dormammu or the Titan Thanos , who collected the Infinity Gems and later the Heart of the Universe. With these artifacts Thanos was, in fact, capable of surpassing Eternity and even imprisoned the cosmic entity, proving that even Eternity was not truly omnipotent.

A notable exception was during the trial of Mr. Fantastic , when Eternity was summoned by the combined effort of Galactus and the Watcher. Eternity then allowed millions of alien onlookers to momentarily become one with the universe so that they could understand that Galactus was part of the natural order of the universe. Eternity and all of his counterparts across the Multiverse were guarded by their own personal Captain Universe.

Eternity was the collective consciousness of all life and was, therefore, dependent on the many trillions of beings within it.

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It existed everywhere simultaneously. Eternity could take a humanoid form when it designed to communicate to sorcerers and the like. Eternity once aided Doctor Strange against Dormammu, [14] and Strange then helped Eternity escape from Nightmare 's clutches. When Henry Pym grew beyond the macroverse into Overspace, he met Eternity, who thanked him for saving reality from Chthon. He gave the title "Scientist Supreme" to Pym because of his desire to take science to the point of studying magic.

He sent Pym back to Earth, telling him that he was the founder of the Avengers to come and promised a new age of heroes was coming, although this may have been a ruse by Loki. Thanos , in an effort to keep Deadpool away from his beloved Death , cursed him never to die. However, the embodiment of Death had also been kidnapped by Eternity, meaning nothing else in the universe could die either, causing untold chaos throughout the universe.

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When Deadpool, believing Thanos responsible, arrived on Thanos' ship to defeat him, Thanos rescinded his curse, turning Deadpool into the only mortal creature in the universe, then killed him. However, upon realizing that Death would only speak to Wade, Thanos resurrected him in order to save her. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

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Why Early Access? Launching Edge of Eternity in Early Access allows us to involve our community throughout the development, getting feedback on new story content, new areas of the game world, the general feel of the game as we expand and build the game towards the full, polished release our fans and followers are expecting us to deliver.

The other reason we are looking forward to collaborating with our community is modding. We intend to make Edge of Eternity fully customizable and allow players to get really involved in it and experiment with their own ideas. For that reason, we intend to release a modkit for players to tinker with it. This modkit — just like the rest of the game — will need feedback from you. We have several members of our team who were modders themselves, and releasing a modding tool for the game means a lot to us. In short, we need as much feedback as we can gather, and we think actual players are the best people to know what they like or not.

For all of those reasons, we feel that Early Access is a sound choice. We have planned several huge updates which will massively expand the game world and add major story chapters. These will happen every three or four months.

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In between, we will release regular hotfixes and smaller, bite-sized content. We will adapt this plan to your feedback and pursue it until the game is complete and ready for a full-scale launch. As the Early Access unfolds, so will Edge of Eternity's story not unlike an anime season, actually. On a regular basis, new chapters of the story will be unlocked, allowing you to continue the story.

In between these new chapters, you will still have access to the game's open world, where you can complete side quests, explore, find interesting nooks and crannies, and experiment with different builds for your characters. This game world will expand over time as we move through Early Access, so again, what you see now is just a fraction of what the final game will deliver.

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The game is still a long way from nearing its final quality and content. Be careful, Edge of Eternity being a story driven game, you might encounter some spoilers in this article. This Early Access is very much aimed at our core fans who want to join us on the journey through development.

As mentioned above, if you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see how the game progresses further in development. So many games benefit hugely from Early Access; players and devs talk with each other, the game evolves in real time. The history of its development is not a thing to be hidden behind curtains, it becomes a public thing — a group endeavor.

But again one of the biggest reason of the Early Access remains the feedback. The game, as well as its modkit — the Eternal Forge — will greatly evolve during development. For that purpose, we will need all the feedback we can get.