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Seuss 's Horton. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the living species. For extinct relatives also known as elephants, see Elephantidae. For other uses, see Elephant disambiguation. Large terrestrial mammals with trunks from Africa and Asia. See also: List of elephant species.

African forest elephant in Ivindo National Park , Gabon. Asian elephant in Bandipur National Park , India. Main article: Dwarf elephant. African bush elephant with its trunk raised, a behaviour often adopted when trumpeting. Play media. Main article: Musth. Main article: Elephant cognition. Distribution of elephants. See also: Elephant ivory and Elephant meat. See also: Captive elephants. Main article: War elephant. See also: Execution by elephant.

Elephant Ben (Stories from the Wild, book 5) by Geoffrey Malone

African elephants at the Barcelona Zoo. Main article: Cultural depictions of elephants.

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  8. See also: Elephants in Kerala culture , List of elephants in mythology and religion , and List of fictional pachyderms. Ukiyo-e woodcut, Stone carving Elephant. Mahabalipuram , Tamil Nadu. Animal track Beehive fences use elephants' fear of bees to minimise conflict with humans Desert elephant Elephants' graveyard National Elephant Day Thailand Motty , captive hybrid of an Asian and African elephant.

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    Trying to rescue baby, six wild elephants plunge to death at Thai waterfall | The Times of Israel

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    Six wild elephants die after falling over waterfall in Thailand

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