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Make sure to include your phone number and email address.

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Speaking of photos Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has spots for a profile picture and cover photo. Use this prime real estate to help convey who you are. First priority is the profile picture.

You'll want to keep it professional. Find an image that speaks to who you are.

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Maybe it's your city's skyline or your college campus or a favorite pattern or a representation of what you do--like a keyboard for a writer. You can get free images on sites like unsplash.

You're eager to prove your smarts and skills, but keep it succinct and factual. Exaggerations don't yield the best impression. But the invite came without any note and there's a grammatical error in her profile headline. Before you go crazy sending LinkedIn invites to everyone who ever went to your school or worked for a company that you'd like to work for, think about it.

Take the time to include a note with each invitation, saying why you'd like to connect, explaining who you are and maybe asking for a five-minute introductory phone call in which maybe you have something to offer too. This woman could have said: "I'd love to hear about your career in journalism and communications and share how I'm putting to work what I learned about social media at Ohio University.


Most People visit LinkedIn only when job hunting or when they fear being laid off. That's wrong. After your profile picture and slogan, the description is the first thing recruiters see of you, and will influence their first impressions.

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Choose 3 keywords — for example, ones from your profile slogan — and build your text around these blocks. Describe your career goals and how you plan to achieve them. In a similar way to Google, LinkedIn uses SEO keywords to connect professionals with one another, which is, after all, the ultimate goal of this network. Thanks to smart technology, LinkedIn offers suggestions for popular skills as soon as you start typing. Moreover, it will ensure you are writing your profile using the most searched-for terms.

Recommendations are vital to add credibility to your profile.

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Quality not quantity is important here. We are not talking only about recommendations you receive.

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Your shared recommendations assure an improved LinkedIn profile as well. This way, the recruiter or employer can see your personal relation to your former or current workplace from your point of view. Turn it around: ask a former boss for a LinkedIn recommendation and offer one as a thank-you in return.

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Active membership of several LinkedIn interest groups further emphasises your expertise and passion for your profession. Depending on your sector, it can be of real interest to hiring managers to know that you are actively networking and could bring your contacts along with you. By joining conversations, you can share your knowledge with a group and learn new things, maybe even participate in creating new trends in your sector.